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I want a tattoo - where do I start?

First thing I'd recommend is to have an idea that you love. Once you've settled on what you want I can help refine the design details via email or during a consult.


When you're ready to book in, you will be required to pay a deposit to secure your appointment time. Deposits are non-refundable.

Should you need to reschedule your appointment, this can be done with a minimum of 7 days notice without forfeiting your deposit. 

Any reschedules or cancellations with less than 7 days notice will forfeit the deposit.

Can you please draw up a design for me?

Unfortunately I don't do designs without an appointment booked and deposit paid - no exceptions. I already spend most of my spare time drawing and designing, and I need to focus on giving my best to booked clients. 


When will I see my design? Can I make changes?

You will see your design on the day of your appointment. Due to the volume of clients I see, I draw the night before so sending out designs prior is not possible, so it is important to have a clear idea from the start.

Minor changes can be made to the design on the day if needed, but if major changes are required we may have to reschedule your appointment to a later date.



Can I book a consultation?

If you have a complex design idea or you'd like to chat through the design specifics before you lock in an appointment, you can book in a consult. Consults are held at 10:00am and are free of charge.


How do I book a tattoo appointment?

You can head to the booking page on this website and follow the instructions to send an email with all the relevant information either to my personal or studio account.


How much will it cost?

The studio rate is $180 per hour, and the time taken depends on the size, placement, and level of detail in the piece. I am happy to provide a quote prior to booking.

For larger pieces my full day rate is $1100.


What does it feel like?

This depends on your own personal pain tolerance and the placement you choose, but most of my first time clients describe it as a scratching or burning sensation that is quite tolerable.


Feel free to apply a numbing cream one hour before your appointment. Please don't take any substances that will thin your blood, as this may affect the quality of your tattoo.


Can you help me with placement options?

The best results are on wide, flatter areas with thicker skin like arms, legs, chest and back.

Places where the skin is thinner and has more stretch to it (like ribs, stomach, inner bicep, collarbone) are more time-consuming and difficult to tattoo.

It is also important to consider your own personal pain threshold when deciding on placement.


Are there any spots you won't tattoo?

Fingers, palms of hands, soles of feet, ears, lips, tongues, etc - the results in these places are usually quite poor and I prefer my clients to leave with quality tattoos that will stand the test of time.


Is your process vegan?

Yes. All the inks and materials used in my tattoo process are vegan.



It's my first tattoo! How should I prepare?

Make sure you're well rested, hydrated, and you've eaten. You might want to bring some water, snacks, and something to keep yourself occupied (book, music, Netflix).



How do I pay for my deposit and tattoo?

The deposit can be paid via PayPal or by dropping cash in at the studio. The balance must be paid in cash on the day of your appointment. Unfortunately we don't have any EFTPOS facilities so please come prepared.


I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment

Please get in touch asap if you need to make any changes to your appointment, or if you change your mind about your design.


No-shows, and any cancellations or reschedules within 7 days of the appointment time will forfeit their deposit, and be required to pay a new deposit to re-book.


Can I play sport/go to a festival/go out in the sun with a fresh tattoo?

Treat your new tattoo like it's an open wound. If you think it will be exposed to germs or bumps, it's best to cover it up for the duration of that activity. For the rest of the time, let it breathe as much as possible and do your best to keep it clean.


Unprotected sun exposure at any time will affect the longevity of the piece.


How soon can I go swimming?

We generally recommend waiting 2 weeks before swimming with a new tattoo. If swimming is unavoidable, there are waterproof dressings available at the pharmacy that will help protect your tattoo.


What aftercare steps should I follow?

An aftercare information sheet will be provided at the conclusion of your tattoo. You can also download it here.

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