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Your new tattoo has been carefully and professionally applied. What's next?
Your satisfaction and safety is my utmost priority, so here is a thorough guide to tattoo aftercare.

1.   Leave your dressing on for about 2 hours. You may notice some blood product, ink seepage, ink smudging, and sweat buildup, all of which is to be expected during this time. Do not leave on for more than 4-5 hours. 

2.   Prior to performing the first removal of your dressing, collect some Aftercare ointment – This can be purchased at the Pharmacy or supermarket. We highly recommend Dr. Pickles or Bepanthen Antiseptic.

3.   Wash your hands with soap and remove dressing carefully, avoiding any abrasion to site of procedure, and discard with note that this now contaminated with blood product. 

4.   Palm warm water over the tattoo and begin to wash gently. Do not be alarmed if the area feels slimy. This is perfectly normal.


5.   Pat dry with clean paper towel and allow to airdry for around 20 minutes.

6.   Apply a thin layer of Aftercare ointment so as to minimally moisten the entire area. Please be sure this is done with clean hands and that you do not over-apply ointment.  Excess ointment can clog pores, slow the healing process and may damage to ink, or warp your design. 

7.   There is no need to rewrap your tattoo at this point. However, if you choose to wrap it for bed (first night only) to avoid excess ink staining your bedsheets, repeat steps 3 to 6 as soon as you get up. 

8.   Keep your procedure area clean with fragrance-free soap and warm water, and avoid touching with unwashed hands. Do not let friends, family or pets touch your tattoo – treat it as a healing wound.

9.   Continue this process for a total of 14 days.
Over the first few days you tattoo may look dark and glowy. This is normal. As your skin begins to dry out and become flaky and itchy, it is important not to scratch. Allow the top layer of skin to flake off naturally. 

10.   During these 14 days: NO sunbathing, NO water immersion like swimming, baths or spa (showering is fine)
This poses immense risk of infection and will damage your tattoo
After the two-week healing process, we recommend the use of daily moisturiser and sunscreen when exposed to sun.

If you have any questions about the healing of your tattoo, 
please email hello@lukedoliver or DM @lukedoliver
Thank you and please be sure to send through healed photos!

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